Pot, pan & utensil washers have the same washing stages as dishwashers (washing, rinsing & disinfection). Some machines are provided with additional lateral washing arms with nozzles.
One of the problems in pot washing is the removal of scorched dry food, pre-wash can be useful in this case for softening of scorched food. One of the manufacturers developed a new technique for easy removal of scorched food, which is using of small food grade plastic granules or particles (PolyOxyMethylenoxide or POM), Fig.16.6.1. These granules are mixed with water and detergent and pumped together at high pressure to flow through nozzles. Granules at this mixture impact the scorched food and remove it – see Fig.16.6.2.
Pots are then rinsed with water (without granules) which removes any remaining food and then rinsed with water at 85°C temperature for disinfection. See next example.


Fig.16.6.1 Pot washer with plastic granules – GRANULDISK – SWEDEN


Fig.16.6.2 Plastic granules during cleaning – GRANULDISK – SWEDEN


Fig.16.6.4 Net basket – GRANULDISK – SWEDEN

pot-washer2      pot-washer-granule-collector-8-litres-granuldisk

                          Short Spray pipe                                    Granule collector


pot-washer-fixed-insert            pot-washer-adjustable-insert

                          Insert for containers                        Flexible insert




Fig.16.6.7 Insert for lids & trays – GRANULDISK – SWEDEN

& insert for lids and trays (Fig.16.6.7). Machine is suitable for 500 meals daily production kitchens, machine model (Granule Flexi), manufactured by “Granuldisk” – Sweden. (See manufacturers’ directory for more information about this company).
Manufacturer (Granuldisk) is producing larger pot washers with capacities up to 2000 – 3000 meals per day.
Market example:
As shown in Fig.16.6.1, a Granule Pot washer with the following features; stainless steel construction, 4 adjustable stainless steel feet. Machine has the following technical features:
4 GN 1/1 containers, 200 mm deep
8 GN 1/2 containers, 200 mm deep
or equivalent in other pots
Amount of granules:
6 kg
Machine weight:
343 kg filled machine
Tank volume:
84 lit
Washing water temperature:
65° C
Rinse water temperature:
85° C
Rinse water volume:
8 lit
Washing programs:
Eco 2 min. 30 s.
Short 4 min. 40 s.
Normal 6 min. 40 s.
Programmes without Granules are 1 min. shorter.
2 sliding cassettes
Detergent and rinsing agent pump:
24 V AC or 230 V AC, installed in separate connection box
Noise level:
<70 dB(A)
Mains power:
400 V, 3 phase, earth, 50 Hz
25 A
Pump motor:
3.0 kW
Tank heater:
9 kW
Rinse tank heater:
9 kW
Maximum power:
12.3 kW
Encapsulation class:
IP 55
Hot water connection:
R 1/2″ (DN15), 55 – 65°C
Cold water connection:
(For steam condensation unit)
R 1/2″ (DN15)
Water pressure:
3 – 6 bars
Ø32, Ø40 or Ø50 mm pipe
Necessary capacity 100 lit/min

Electrical interlock is provided between washing water heater & rinsing water heater as to prevent both heaters working together which reduce total installed power. Machine can be provided with the following options & accessories; booster pump (in case of low water supply pressure) – net basket (for washing of ladles, beaters, etc, Fig.16.6.4) – short spray pipe (for washing of large pots together, Fig.16.6.5) – granule collector (to collect the granules quickly and easily for cleaning and checking the amount, Fig.16.6.5) – Insert for containers (Fig.16.6.6) – Flexible insert (Fig.16.6.6) manufactured by Granuldisk – Sweden