Hood type dishwasher (Fig.16.2.3) has higher capacity than under counter type. Hood type has the same basic functions (washing, rinsing & sanitizing).



 Fig.16.2.3 Hood type dishwasher – DIHR – ITALY

vertically like a hood through tubular handle as shown in figures. This type is suitable for restaurants, schools, small hospitals & hotels, etc.

Fig.16.2.4 & 5 shows internal dishwashing operation, washing pump (PL) pushes water through nozzles, then water is collected in the tank to be re-circulated for water saving. Tank has built-in heater to increase water temperature up to 55 to 60 °C. Rinsing with fresh water is taken directly from water supply line through water boiler (B1) which increase water temperature up to 85 to 90 °C (for hot water disinfection type) controlled by solenoid valve (EL1). Rinse aid liquid can be injected through small pump (DB). All of these operations are controlled by a timing device (timer) either electromechanical or electronic.



Fig.16.2.4 Hood type dishwasher components – DIHR – ITALY


Fig.16.2.5 Hood type dishwasher components – DIHR – ITALY

Market example:

As shown in Fig.16.2.3, a Hood type dishwasher with the following features; stainless steel construction, insulated casing, Four washing cycles adjustable: 50/90/120/180/300 sec, thermo-stop to grant the rinse water temperature of not less than 85 °C for disinfection, break water tank & rinsing pump for constant rinsing water pressure, main line solenoid valve, racks/hour: 72/40/30/20/12, 500 x 500 mm basket size,

3 Phase power supply at 400 Volts, washing pump with 1.5 KW power , 42 liters water tank with 2.7 KW electric heating element, 10 liters boiler capacity with 9 KW electric heating element, 10.5 KW total power, no cold water filling during rinsing cycle to keep water temperature at 85 °C, suitable for dishes & trays (gastro-norm size tray), 2.8 liters water consumption per cycle, rinse aid liquid dispenser, optionally can be provided with: (drain pump, detergent dispenser, break tank, DVGW valve, booster pump), 115 kg weight, dims 720 x 735 x 1470 mm height (closed position) and 1890 mm height (opened position), model (HT 12 E), manufactured by “Dihr” –