Tea & coffee water boiler is used for continuous hot water production for preparation of tea & hot drinks, suitable for cafeterias, breakfast buffets, school canteens, hotels, hospitals, etc. See Fig.9.23.1
water boiler
Fig.9.23.1 Water boiler – CAMURRI – ITALY

 Selection factors:

  • Material; stainless steel.
  • Volume in liters (10, 20, 30, 40, etc).
  • Capacity in liters/hr or cups/hr (each liter gives around 8 cups)
  • Storage or instantaneous type (instantaneous type is used when boiler will be used for continuous feeding of coffee or tea brewer, while storage type is used to serve hot water cups one by one which is our case in this item).
  • Start up heating time (storage type boiler needs few minutes to get required water temperature -adjustable 80-98 ºC- while instantaneous type is giving instantaneous hot water temperature).
  • Safety against water heating.
  • ON/OFF switch, adjustable thermostat control, signal lamp, etc.
  • With or without thermometer?
  • With or without automatic refilling? (this means that unit should have permanent water supply connection, level switch & solenoid valve).
  • With or without scale alarm? (scale alarm is activated when scales on boiler walls are increased & has to be cleaned)
  • With or without level gauge?
  • See next example.

Market example:

As shown in Fig.9.23.1, Storage type water boiler with the following features; Stainless steel 18/10 AISI 304, ON/OFF switch, adjustable thermostat, signal lamp when heater is ON, non drip faucet, ¾” water connection, automatic refilling, 20 liters capacity, power of 4.8 KW at 400 Volts, 0.5 liter of hot water per minute, maximum reserve of 16 liters, dim 390 x 560 x 643 mm height, model (HWU 20), manufactured by “Camurri” – Italy.