Refrigerated juice dispenser is used to refrigerate & circulate fruit juices (circulation to keep particles suspended & prevent frosting), suitable for cafeterias, coffee shops, snack food restaurants, self service & open buffets, hospitals, hotels, school canteens, etc. See Fig.9.9.1 & 2

juice dispenser spm

Fig.9.9.1 Single refrigerated juice dispenser – SPM – ITALY

juice dispenser spm1

Fig.9.9.2 Double refrigerated juice dispenser – SPM – ITALY

 Selection factors:

  • Materials (commonly poly carbonate bowl, stainless steel & food approved plastic food contact parts, stainless steel or aluminum base casing).
  • With or without refrigeration cycle.
  • Refrigeration compressor with CFC free refrigerant (see Basics & Cold storage equipments for more information about refrigeration equipment’s).
  • Is it suitable for working ambient temperature (see refrigeration equipment’s selection factors)
  • Should have circulation pump or mixing device.
  • Electrical interlocking between refrigeration & circulation systems (i.e. no refrigeration without circulation)
  • Possibility of operating circulation system only (i.e. without cooling).
  • Safety controls.
  • Single, double, triple or four bowls type.
  • Each bowl capacity in liters (approx 5 to 20 liters).
  • Each bowl should have self close anti drip faucet and drip tray.
  • Each bowl should have independent temperature control.
  • Decorative external shape (if required, especially for open buffets).
  • See next example.

Market example:

As shown in Fig.9.9.2, Refrigerated juice dispenser with the following features; Double bowl, stainless steel casing, poly carbonate bowls, refrigeration cycle with hermetic compressor & R 134 refrigerant, circulation system, each bowl capacity 12 liters, each bowl has independent thermostat control, 450 Watts power at 230 Volts, 34 kg weight, dims 350 x 500 x 750 mm height, model (SC 12+12), manufactured by “ SPM ” –