This type of refrigerator is used for back bar (operator side) in cafeterias, coffee shops and fast food restaurant, its function is cooling of beverage & water bottles and any food to be served cold. The advantages of this type are space saving and quick, easy handling by the operator; also it can be extended to any length, linear or curved according to actual requirements & available space. See Fig.9.17.1.
Note: Back bar modular system can include neutral module, heated module and refrigerated modules. See Fig.9.17.2
back bar refrigerator
Fig.9.17.1 Modular refrigerator – MODULSYSTEM – ITALY

back bar refrigerator5  

Fig.9.17.2 Modular refrigerator & neutral cabinet – MODULSYSTEM – ITALY

back bar refrigerator accessories

Fig.9.17.3 Accessories – MODULSYSTEM – ITALY

 Selection factors:

  • Materials (fully stainless steel in/outside).
  • Module capacity in liters.
  • Linear or curved module (check available space).
  • Module external dimensions (check available space).
  • Cabinets or drawers.
  • Cabinet sliding or hinged doors.
  • Metal or glass doors.
  • Internal dimensions to GN standard sizing system (or any standard sizing system).
  • See refrigeration equipments selection factors
  • Accessories; signal lamps, temperature display, drain points, etc. 

 Market example:

The following Figures are showing modular refrigerating system possibilities and are manufactured by “Modulsystem” – Italy. (See manufacturers’ directory for more information about this company).

back bar refrigerator1back bar refrigerator2

Fig.9.17.4 Modular units & control panel – MODULSYSTEM – ITALY
back bar refrigerator4
Fig.9.17.5 Available module dimensions – MODULSYSTEM – ITALY
back bar refrigerator3
Fig.9.17.6 Curved units – MODULSYSTEM – ITALY