Milk shaker or “Mixer” or “Cocktail mixer“, are several names for one equipment (according to different manufacturers), its function is to shake milk, fruits, mixing of fruit juice cocktails, etc, creating a delicious foam. See Fig.9.6.1
Fig.9.6.1 Milk shaker – LA FELSINEA – ITALY
Fig.9.6.2 Double type milk shaker – LA FELSINEA – ITALY

 Selection factors:

  • Materials (stainless steel or enameled steel structure, stainless steel whisk, poly carbonate or stainless steel jar)
  • Counter top, wall mounted or portable (see Pantry & hotel guest room equipment’s, for portable type milk frother)
  • Jar capacity in liters.
  • Constant or variable speed (variable speed is better to handle different types of beverages).
  • Power in Watts.
  • Single, double (Fig.9.5.2) or triple type unit.
  • Number of whisks (for different type of beverages, e.g. juices, ice cream, etc).
  • Safety control to switch off mixer when the container is not in its location.
  • See next example.

 Market example:

As shown in Fig.9.6.1, Milk shaker with the following features; 14000 rpm, 100 W motor at 220-240 V~50 Hz, Standard color: aluminum, complete with 0.55-liter graduated poly carbonate glass (can be provided optionally with Stainless steel glass), can whip milk, ice cream, any kind of liquid with fruits too, micro switch to stop mixer if the container removed or not in its place, 2.5 kg weight, model (FRP E 1), manufactured by “La Felsinea” – Italy.