Ice cream is a popular sweet all over the world. Ice cream maker is suitable for specialist ice cream shops, cafeterias, coffee shops, confectionery shops, etc. Ice cream components (milk, juices & additives) have to be mixed, pasteurized (to kill bacteria), whisked & frozen. These steps can be done in separate equipment’s or can be combined in single equipment doing the all steps in an automatic way and this type is what will be presented here. See Fig.9.18.1
ice cream maker
Fig.9.18.1 Ice cream maker – BRAVO – ITALY

 Selection factors & market example:

As shown in Fig.9.18.1, Combined ice cream maker with the following features; mixing, pasteurizing, whisking & freezing of mixture to (-11 ºC), fully stainless steel, mixture is mixed in the upper tub and taken to the pasteurizing or cooking temperature, thus destroying bacteria, the boiling mixture passes directly into the whisking freezer, a hygienically safe environment protected from the outside, where it starts to freeze, suitable for all types of ice cream, ice cream re-pasteurizing facility, 5 liters cycle volume, capacity of 20 to 30 liters/hr (according to mixture type), Air water cooled condenser, total power 5.8 KW at 400 Volts, weight 250 kg, dims 500 x 650 x 1300 mm height, model (305) series (TRITTICO STARTRONIC), manufactured by “Bravo” – Italy.