Hot beverage dispenser is suitable for preparing & dispensing of hot chocolate, coffee, tea, milk, etc. The main characteristic of this equipment that it uses hot water bath to heat the beverage (bain-marie heating) to avoid scorching of beverage especially for chocolate & milk. See Fig.9.29.1
Hot beverage dispenser is suitable for Cafeterias, coffee shops, breakfast open buffets, hotels, hospitals, school canteens, etc.
Fig.9.29.1 Hot beverage dispenser – SENCOTEL – SPAIN

 Selection factors:

  • Materials; Fully stainless steel or stainless steel water bath & glass container.
  • Capacity in liters.
  • Should have bain-marie heating.
  • Heating power in KW. (see example).
  • With or without stirrer? (to maintain homogeneous thickness for thick drinks such as chocolate).
  • Adjustable thermostat control.
  • Accessories; signal lamps, temperature display, etc.
  • See next example.

 Market example:

As shown in Fig.9.29.1, Hot beverage dispenser with the following features; bain-marie heating with stainless steel boiler tank, transparent beverage container, adjustable thermostat control, continuous motor operated stirrer, anti-clogging dispensing tap, 5 liters capacity, 1 KW power at 230 Volts, 6 kg weight, dims 260 Ø x 470 mm height, model (CH105), manufactured by “Sencotel” –