Frozen beverage dispenser is also called “Slush dispenser” or “Iced beverage dispenser” according to different manufacturers, used to freeze & circulate fruit juices, sherbets, yogurt, etc, as to be served as iced drink, suitable for cafeterias, coffee shops, snack food restaurants, kids fun places, etc. See Fig.9.10.1
frozen juice spm
Fig.9.9.1 Single frozen beverage dispenser – SPM – ITALY
frozen juice spm1
Fig.9.10.2 Double frozen beverage dispenser – SPM – ITALY
frozen juice spm2
Fig.9.10.3 Triple frozen beverage dispenser – SPM – ITALY

 Selection factors:

  • Materials; commonly poly carbonate bowl, stainless steel & approved plastic food contact parts, stainless steel or aluminum base casing.
  • Refrigeration compressor with CFC free refrigerant (see BasicsCold storage equipment’s for more information about refrigeration equipment’s).
  • Is it suitable for working ambient temperature? (see refrigeration equipment’s selection factors).
  • Should have mixing device.
  • Should Electrical interlocking between refrigeration cycle & mixing device (i.e. no refrigeration without circulation)
  • Lid micro switch to switch off mixing device.
  • Single; double (Fig.9.10.2), triple (Fig.9.10.3) or four bowl type.
  • With or without conversion system to refrigerated juice dispenser.
  • Each bowl capacity in liters.
  • Each bowl should have self close anti jam faucet and drip tray.
  • Each bowl should have independent temperature control.
  • See next example.

 Market example:

As shown in Fig.9.10.3, Triple frozen beverage dispenser with the following
features; stainless steel casing, poly carbonate bowl, double mixing device, independent refrigeration for each bowl, condenser suitable for hot climates, reduction gear cooling fan, CFC refrigerant R 404, removal of dispensing tap with no tools, 3 bowls of 12 liters each, safety device to stop mixing device if lid is opened to protect operator, night switch for chilling option, 1.42 KW total power at 230 Volts, 93 kg weight, dims 580 x 585 x 870 mm height, model (ICE DREAM – 3.1 W), CE, UL & NSF approvals, manufactured by “SPM” –