Commercial coffee grinding equipments are divided into two types; Roastery type (see Super market & shop equipments) & cafeteria type which is our equipment in this section. See Fig.9.28.1
Fig.9.28.1 Coffee grinder/dozer – MARCFI – SPAIN


Selection factors:

  • Materials (cast iron, stainless steel/plastic casing, poly carbonate hopper, treated steel blades).
  • Hopper capacity in kg.
  • Production in kg/hr.
  • Ground coffee container capacity in grams.
  • Motor power in Watts.
  • Adjustable dosing in grams. (commonly 5 to 15 grams).
  • With or without automatic stop?
  • With or without timer?
  • With or without coffee press to compact ground coffee dose?
  • See next example.

 Market example:

As shown in Fig.9.28.1, Coffee grinder/dozer with the following features; 75 mm milling cutter, poly carbonate hopper of 1.6 kg capacity, ground coffee container of 300 grams capacity, adjustable dose, sturdy aluminum coffee press, automatic stop, ground coffee production 14 kg/hr, 0.5 HP motor at 230 Volts & 1300 rpm, model (MD-70), manufactured by “Marcfi” –