This equipment is designed to extract juice from citrus fruits; oranges, lemons, grapefruit, etc, suitable for cafeterias, coffee shops or snack food restaurants as well as in hotels, hospitals, school canteens, etc. See Fig.9.3.1
juice extractor

Fig.9.3.1 Citrus juice extractor – SANTOS – FRANCE

 Selection factors:

  • Materials (Stainless steel or food approved plastic / rubber for juice contact parts & commonly aluminum plastic or stainless steel casing)
  • Number of squeezers (Fig.9.3.2) which indicate type of citrus fruits the extractor can handle (e.g. lemon, orange & grapefruit).


Fig.9.3.2 Squeezers – SANTOS – FRANCE


Fig.9.3.3 Anti-splash dome – SANTOS – FRANCE
  • Manual or automatic start (automatic start by orange press).
  • Capacity in oranges/hr or liters/hr.
  • With or without anti-splash dome (Fig.9.3.3).
  • Should have built-in strainer.
  • Height of the spout (juice outlet) should be suitable for glasses & jars.
  • Electric power in KW.
  • See next example.

 Market example:

As shown in Fig.9.3.1, Citrus juice extractor with the following features; combined aluminum casing, stainless steel bowl & filter grid, rubber bowl strainer, provided with 3 removable squeezers (Fig.9.3.2 – one for limes, one for lemons & oranges & one for grapefruit), 212 mm height of spout, 200 oranges/hr or 20 liters/hr, poly carbonate splash dome, inclined body for easy output, all removable parts can be safely washed in dishwasher, 230 Watts power at 230 Volts, 10 kg weight, dims 305 x 205 x 490 mm height, model (52), NSF & CE approved, UL listed, manufactured by “Santos” –