This equipment is used to prepare fresh juices from carrots, apples, pineapples, and all similar fruits, suitable for cafeterias, coffee shops or snack food restaurants as well as in hotels, hospitals, school canteens, etc.


 Fig.9.2.1 Centrifugal juice extractor  – ROTOR LIPS – SWITZERLAND


 Fig.9.2.2 Centrifugal juice extractor  – ROTOR LIPS – SWITZERLAND

Market example & selection factors:

As shown in Fig., a Centrifugal juice extractor with the following features; stainless steel construction, suitable for several vegetables & fruits (carrots, apples, etc), 5500 rpm speed, dims 196 x 375 x 379 mm, 1500 Watts at 230 Volts, 15 kg weight, model (Vitamat), manufactured by Rotor Lips International” – Switzerland.