This is a simple machine used to crush ice cubes. Crushed ice is used to cool juices, cold plates for open buffets, displaying of refrigerated foods, etc. For large establishments an ice flaker (ice flakes maker) can be purchased, in this case the crusher will have no function, but for cafeterias, coffee shops, snack food restaurant, it is more economical to have small ice crusher.
Fig.9.7.1 Ice crusher – LA FELSINEA – ITALY
Fig.9.7.2 Another shape of Ice crusher – LA FELSINEA – ITALY

 Market example:

As shown in Fig.9.7.1, Automatic ice crusher with the following features; Painted, light alloy structure, 350 Watts motor power at 12000 rpm & 230 Volts, 1500 rpm cutting blade speed, adjustable ice thickness with maximum 10 mm, safety control, model (Granito), manufactured by “La Felsinea” –