Automatic high capacity citrus juice extractor is producing large quantities of orange juice in an automatic way (cutting orange, place orange on squeezer, squeezing orange, cooling juice, etc). This equipment is suitable for large cafeterias & coffee shops, specialized juice shops, hospitals & schools, etc. See Fig.9.4.1. In addition, this equipment can be considered a complete project (Single equipment project), either in a shop or as a kiosk unit see Fig.9.4.2

Fig.9.4.1 Automatic juice extractor – ZUMMO – SPAIN


Fig.9.4.2 Kiosk unit with automatic juice extractor – ZUMMO – SPAIN

 Selection factors:

  • Materials (stainless steel & food approved plastics).
  • Capacity in liters /hr or oranges /hr.
  • With or without refrigeration system.
  • Should have peel container (mobile type).
  • Type of citrus fruit (orange, lemon, grape fruit) or suitable fruit size in mm.
  • Accessories (cabinet, basket, etc)
  • Power in Watts.
  • See next example. 

 Market example:

As shown in Fig.9.4.2, Automatic citrus juice extractor with the following features; stainless steel peel collection cabinet, large capacity interior container of 100 liters, automatic squeezer, automatic feeding system, integrated refrigeration system to get cold juice with adjustable temperature through thermostat, suitable for oranges – lemons – grape fruits from 45 to 90 mm diameter, 20 kg capacity of upper basket, 7 liters tank capacity with stirrer & filter, 11 fruits / minute, safety switch, 275 Watts squeezer power at 230 Volts, 1/3 HP compressor power at 230 Volts (refrigeration cycle), dims (including stainless steel cabinet) 530 x 840 x 1800 mm height, model (ZUMMO Z14 FRESH PLUS 20 for base cabinet) , manufactured by “Zummo” –