Retarder prover is an advanced type of final prover and doing the same job (proofing the dough). The difference between ordinary final prover and retarder prover is that retarder prover has built-in automatic controlled refrigeration circuit (in addition to ordinary prover components which are electric heater, humidifier & fan). The control can be programmed as to start with refrigeration cycle to decrease temperature inside the prover down to around 4 °C, which stop the proofing operation to a pre-selected time (e.g. after 4 hours). When selected time is reached, refrigeration is stopped & heater/humidifier group is activated as to start proofing operation. This advantage enables the baker to prepare the dough at any time, and keep it without proofing until reaching required time for proofing and accordingly baking. For example if the baker has to bake bread at 6 AM, with an ordinary proofer he has to start prepare dough at night (mixing, dividing, moulding) and then allow it to proof and then start baking. With retarder prover he can start preparing dough
retarder prover1
Fig.11.16.1 Retarder prover – tray type – PANEM – FRANCE

retarder prover roll in

Fig.11.16.2 Double cabinet prover – PANEM – FRANCE

at any time, load the moulds to retarder prover, and adjust it to start proofing and finish it at required time (6 AM).

 Selection factors:

  • Materials; stainless steel or aluminum walls (preferred stainless steel).
  • Stationary or mobile.
  • Prover type (tray type – Fig.11.16.1 or roll-in rack type – Fig.11.16.3).
  • Walls should be insulated (injected polyurethane foam).
  • Single or double cabinets.
  • If double cabinet, with single or double systems (double systems mean two independent cabinets, i.e. each cabinet has separate refrigeration compressor, separate heating/humidification, separate controls, etc).
  • Should have adjustable programming unit (for timing adjustment).
  • With or without automatic water supply.
  • Safety controls; over pressure switch, water shortage switch, visual & sound alarms, etc.
  • With or without displays for temperature & humidity.

retarder prover roll in1

Fig.11.16.3 Roll-in rack type – PANEM – FRANCE

  • Internal lighting.
  • Door viewing glass.
  • Door lock should be opened from in & outside for operator safety (for large size chambers).
  • See refrigeration equipments selection factors – Cold storage equipments.
  • See next example.

 Market example:

As shown in Fig.11.16.2, a Retarder prover with the following features; interior front & door are made of stainless steel, tray type, double cabinet, insulated walls with 50 mm injected polyurethane foam of 35 kg/m3, capacity of 2 x 12 trays 600 x 800 mm (holds 2 x 132 loaves) or 2 x 24 trays 400 x 600 each (holds 960 Danish pastries), two independent cabinets each with its own compressor & control, refrigerant R 404a, digital controller with display of temperature, humidity & time,COLD RESET facility which maintains products ready to bake during 6 hours, (optionally can be provided with viewing window – external stainless steel casing – boilers of 2 x 400 Watts, defrosting heaters of 2 x 600 Watts), 2 x 1/3 HP compressors at 230 Volts, 2 x 500 Watts heaters, dims 775 x 1200 x 2250 mm height, model (AA24B1DC), manufactured by “Panem” – France.