Caramelizer (Fig.11.33.1) is a simple hand tool to burn sugar covers some pastry products such as cakes, buns, etc and also used to caramilize custard dishes, as to give nice brown decorative shape & tasty product. Caramelizer is an electric heater covered with stainless steel cover. Suitable for pastry shops, hotel kitchens, etc.


Fig.11.33.1 Caramelizer – SALVA – SPAIN 

 Selection factors:

  • Materials; Stainless steel coil cover.
  • Shape; circular, rectangular, solid, coiled, etc.
  • Size in mm.
  • See next example

 Market example:

As shown in Fig.11.33.1, a Caramelizer with the following features; Caramelizer for different types of pastries & creams, stainless steel cover, circular shape, 110 mm diameter, 2.5 KW power at 230 Volts, model (Q-50), manufactured by “Salva” –