This machine is used to peel the thin skin of almond as shown in Fig.11.23.1, suitable for bakery/pastry workshops.

almond peeled

Fig.11.23.1 Peeled almond

almond peeler

Fig.11.23.2 Almond peeler – DELL’ORO – ITALY

 Selection factors:

  • Materials; stainless steel product contact materials.

  • Single or multi products.

  •  Stationary or mobile.

  • Hopper capacity in liters.

  • Production rate kg/hr.

  • Safety controls.

  • See next example. 

 Market example:

As shown in Fig.11.23.2, an Almond peeler with the following features; stainless steel almond contact parts, 3 steps peeling, peels are separated & extracted by a fan to a peel box, 30 kg/hr production rate, 0.3 HP peeler motor, 0.3 HP fan motor, 85 kg weight, dims 730 x 400 x 1380 mm height, model (F-361), manufactured by “Dell’Oro” –