Volumetric dough divider or “Volumetric dough portioner” or “Vacuum dough divider” or “Suction dough divider” or “Automatic divider” are several names for the equipment, according to different manufacturers. Dough divider function is cutting dough into equal pieces. Dough is pulled by vacuum (to avoid dough compression) and then cut by an automatic knife, in a repeated manner to give equal, -pre-adjusted weight- dough pieces. This type is suitable for all types of breads, baguettes, etc. See Fig.11.5.1.
Fig 11.5.1 Dough divider – FIMAK – TURKEY

 Selection factors:

  • Materials; stainless steel or Teflon dough contact parts or any approved food contact material.
  • Stationary or mobile type.
  • With or without belt conveyor (conveyor can be extended to feed dough away, e.g. to a rounder).
  • Hopper capacity in liters or kg of dough.
  • Product weight range in grams (adjustable, see example).
  • Capacity piece/hr (depends on piece weight).
  • With or without flour duster (prevents dough sticking).
  • Single or variable speed.
  • With or without piece counter.
  • Safety controls.
  • See next example.

 Market example:

As shown in Fig.11.5.1, a Dough divider with the following features; Stainless steel dough contact parts, adjustable dough piece weight through mechanical or electronic system (optional) , 80 kg hopper capacity, automatic lubrication system (food contact quality oil), cutting capacity 1000 – 2000 grams, dough cutting weight 80 to 350 grams, belt conveyor, 1.8 KW electric motor, weight 500 kg, dims 1370 x 650 x 1600 mm height, series (KTM-80), manufactured by “Fimak” – Turkey.