Also called Flour sieve, flour sifting is the first step in dough preparation. In domestic or small uses sifter is as shown in Fig.11.1.1, but for commercial use sifter becomes an electric equipment as shown in Fig.11.1.2 Its function is separation of dirt’s & impurities out, in addition to aerating of flour (aerating or ventilating is allowing air to go through and kept inside between flour particles) which result in more homogeneous dough.



 Fig.11.1.1 Manual sifting


Fig.11.1.2 Electric flour sifter – ITALPAN – ITALY

 Selection factors:

  • Materials (Stainless steel flour contact parts, enameled steel or stainless steel casing).
  • Stationary or mobile.
  • Loading capacity in kg.
  • Production rate in kg/hr
  • With or without variable output height (to deliver flour directly wherever required).
  • Motor power (see example).
  • See next example.

 Market example:

As shown in Fig.11.1.2, Electric flour sifter with the following features; Adjustable output height, mobile with 4 castors (2 with brake), 100 kg per 5’ output production rate, machine weight 150 kg, dims 700 x 1000 x 1360 mm height, electric motor power 0.5 HP at 230 Volts, model (SF 100), manufactured by “Italpan” –