Spiral mixer has a spiral mixing tool as shown in Fig.11.4.8, in addition to rotating mixing tool, the bowl is also rotating, which result in relatively less dough heating. One of this mixer advantages is possibility of mixing less quantities (i.e. can be operated with 10% or less of bowl capacity).
Suitable for sliced bread, toast breads, pizza dough, batter dough, baguettes, etc.

spiral-mixerspiral 1

Fig.11.4.8 Spiral mixer – VMI – FRANCE

 Market example:

As shown in Fig.11.4.8, a Spiral mixer with the following features; Mobile with epoxy coated steel frame, stainless steel bowl & tool,  ABS bowl cover (optionally stainless steel grid), 102 liters bowl capacity, minimum / maximum dough capacity 3 / 60 kg, two speeds tool,  1 speed bowl with reverse, safety switch against cover opening, 4.8 KW power at 400 Volts, 24 Volts control panel with; timers, stop button, tool low speed button, tool high speed button, 403 kg weight (empty), dims 1100 x 660 x 1375 mm height, model (FBF 60), manufactured by “VMI” –