Planetary mixer obtained this name from its tool motion where it rotates like a planet, tool is rotating around its center line and in addition it rotates around mixer center line as shown in Fig.11.4.5. Advantage of this motion is the proper mixing of all ingredients. This mixer is commonly used for pastry workshops, where it’s suitable for cream whipping, eggs beating, dough mixing for biscuits, cakes, batter, puff products, etc.
planetary motion
Fig.11.4.5 Planetary mixer motion


Fig.11.4.6 Planetary mixer – VMI – FRANCE

 Market example:

As shown in Fig.11.4.6, a Planetary mixer with the following features; stainless steel bowl, stainless steel tools, built-in bowl hydraulic lift, safety rotary grid, 80 liters capacity, 3 electro mechanical speeds, provided with 3 mixing tools; spiral, whisk & batter beater (Fig.11.4.7), 3 KW power at 400 Volts, optionally can be

planetary tool1  planetary tool2 planetary tool3

                                     Spiral            Whisk          Batter beater

Fig.11.4.7 Mixing tools – VMI – FRANCE

provided with (bowl scraper, gas or electric heating, digital timer, 40 & 60 liter bowls & attachment hub for accessories), mixer weight 500 kg, dims 960 x 1034 x 1515 mm height, model (PH 801 DT), manufactured by “VMI” –