n addition to large stationary mixers, baker may need a portable hand mixer as to execute small jobs & special orders. Hand mixer can execute several jobs such as egg beating, batter preparation, cream whipping, etc. In addition, and by changing tool to mixer/cutter tool, baker can prepare several types of food required for filling, topping and mixing with some bakery products such as cheese mixtures, minced vegetables, mayonnaise, etc. See Fig.11.4.13
Fig.11.4.13 Hand mixer with whisk & blending tool – IRIMAR – SPAIN

 Selection factors:

  • Materials; stainless steel food contact.
  • Attached tools.
  • Power in Watts (see example).
  • Weight
  • Single, double or variable speed (variable speed is better to suit all types of food mixing).
  • See next example.

 Market example:

As shown in Fig.11.4.13, a Hand mixer with the following features; special shape of the handle to get the optimum performance & reducing the fatigue, , stainless steel food contact components, can be provided with blending tool & whisk (see Fig.11.4.13), quick and safe assembling of the whisk and hand blender attachments without tools, safety interlocks, 350 Watts motor at 230 Volts, variable speed with microprocessor control, emergency stop button, 3.9 kg weight, model (TB-360/350 W), manufactured by “Irimar” – Spain.