Fork mixer has a mixing tool similar to fork as shown in (Fig.11.4.1), with rotating motion. This mixer is suitable for most of dough types, especially for French bread, Arabic bread, croissants, etc. Fork mixer can be manufactured with fixed bowl or with tilting bowl or with integrated elevator for automatic emptying 


Fig.11.4.1 Fork mixer tool – VMI – FRANCE


Fig.11.4.2 Fork mixer – VMI – FRANCE

 Market example:

As shown in Fig.11.4.1, a Fork mixer with the following features; stainless steel bowl , transparent cover, possibility to add products during preparation, manual head lifting, maximum dough quantity from 4.5 to 48 kg of dough , powered bowl – adjustable head,   Programmable control pane , 2 KW power at 400 Volts, variable bowl speed, 2 fixed arm speed, digital timer, fixed on 4 wheels, emergency stop button, 205 kg weight, height, model (AXOPLUS 95 SEW), manufactured by “VMI” –