Dosing water meter or “Water dozer” is a water metering and mixing device related to bakery water chillers. Its function is to give the exact water volume at the desired water temperature according to preset values selected by the operator. The meter is fed by 2 water branches; one is coming from water chiller and the other room temperature water (non cooled water), through automatic mixing between both (3 way thermostatic valve), meter can give the selected water temperature, see Fig.11.3.1.
Fig.11.3.1 Dosing water meter – SOREMA – FRANCE

Selection factors:

  • Materials; Water contact approved materials, preferred stainless steel.
  • With flow regulating (adjusting water flow rate in liters/min).
  • With or without mixing (mixing cold & warm water to get desired selected temperature).
  • With or without external probe to control dough temperature.
  • Measurements & displays; flow rate (lit/min), temperature (ºC).
  • Maximum & minimum flow rate.
  • Maximum & minimum water pressure.
  • Maximum water entry temperature.
  • Temperature setting range.
  • Temperature & flow precision.
  • See next example.


Market example:

As shown in Fig.11.3.1, Dosing/mixing water meter with the following features; wall mounted, electronic operated, water metering with automatic shutoff and electronic setting of the desired temperature (hot/cold water mix), adjustable outlet water flow rate, draft volume from 0.1 to 999.9 liters, external probe to control dough temperature (optional), temperature display, 65 ºC max. inlet water temperature, temperature range 1-65 ºC, 1 ºC temperature precession, maximum dosing 999.5 liters, recipe memorization, 3.5″ touch screen with user-friendly interface,  Dosage unit: 1/10th of a liter, 10 kg weight, 240 volts, dims 340 x 135 x 410 mm, must be used with a water cooler equipped with a pump pressure 2 bars, model (DMT-PROG), manufactured by “Sorema” – France.