Blast freezer or “Shock freezer” or “Fast freezer” are several names for the same equipment. Its function is quick freezing of product (dough) in less time than ordinary freezer (accepted freezing time is changed according to different standards). Here, we will discuss why dough requires blast freezer, but to get more information about blast freezers  you can see “Cold storage equipments“.
After moulding dough shapes for bread making, either to insert them in final proofer (or prover), or, if they will not be baked at the same day, they should be frozen in a blast freezer down to -18 ºC (according to type of dough), and the stored in an ordinary freezer until the day of baking. Ordinary freezer can freeze dough to the required temperature but it will take longer time, where it has less refrigeration power than blast freezer. In simple explanation, long time dough freezing may damage dough because of formed ice crystals (dough water content) – slow forming of these crystals will tend to damaging of dough texture.
In addition, blast freezing generally keeps all dough characteristics (freshness, color, taste, nutrition, texture, etc) with no change.
For selection factors & market example & additional benefits of blast freezing – see  Cold storage equipments

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