Bakery & pastry equipments

In addition to bakery & pastry shops & large super markets, bakery/pastry section is one of central kitchen sections in hotels , hospitals, schools, etc. Importance of bakery/pastry section in central kitchens depends upon type of establishment, for example; while it is one of the most important sections in hotels (especially 5 stars), some other establishments may chose to have no bakery/pastry section or to have small one (such as school canteens, hospitals) where bakery & pastry products are imported from outside. The choice of central kitchen with or without bakery/pastry section depends on several factors such as; establishment volume where it may be more economical to import bakery & pastry products from an external bakery, type of establishment (hotel, school, etc, as above mentioned), location of the establishment where some far locations make it necessary to have an independent bakery, etc. In this section we will explore most important equipments in bakery/pastry shops as well as central kitchen bakeries, mainly divided into two categories: